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bULLFROG Parents:



We are so excited for your student to join our Badin Family! Among all the excitement of your child starting college, we're sure you have lots of questions about Notre Dame as well. Here are some resources that will help you understand more about the Notre Dame experience:


Our Welcome Weekend team has been preparing for the arrival of our new Tadpoles all summer! When you arrive on campus for move in, the Welcome Weekend team will be ready to greet you at Badin, unload your car, and help your daughter get checked in and up to her room. The Welcome Weekend team is here to make the move in process as seamless as possible!



What about University orientation? See the WELCOME WEEKEND WEBSITE for more information about how your Bullfrog will be integrated into the Notre Dame and Badin communities. The new Bullfrogs will participate in section and dorm bonding, brother-sister dorm gatherings, university wide events, and lots of Notre Dame spirit! While parents will likely be on campus the first few days to help students get moved in, the freshmen can expect a full schedule of events to introduce them to their new home under the dome!!


At Notre Dame, hall staff includes a hall rector, a priest in residence, assistant rectors (ARs), and resident assistants (RAs). The hall rector acts as a leader, guiding students through life at Notre Dame by maintaining a lively dorm social calendar, encouraging spiritual development and participation in the hall, and connecting with students one on one. When comparing the Notre Dame housing system to greek life, the hall rector can be viewed like a house mom in a sorority. Most halls at Notre Dame also have a priest that lives in community with undergraduate students. The priest in residence is a spiritual resource for students and celebrates mass in the hall chapel several times a week. Assistant rectors are graduate students who live in the undergraduate residence halls and connect with students to create a positive hall environment. Badin has two assistant rectors - one who lives on the second floor and another on the fourth floor. Resident assistants are undergraduate seniors who take on a leadership role within the hall to be present for their fellow undergraduate students. RAs make hall life fun by decorating themed hallways, planning section events, and providing lots of snacks! Learn more about the Badin hall staff HERE.


Send packages & home-baked goodies here:

[Your Student's Name]
Room [Room Number]

100 Badin Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5660 


Aside from dining hall swipes, students can also use Flex Points and Domer Dollars at restaurants or the Huddle Mart on campus. Flex Points are part of the campus dining plan and expire at the end of the semester. Domer Dollars are extra funds that can be added to a student's account. You can load money onto your student's ND ID card at any time HERE. You'll just need to know their netID. Ask your student for hers, because long last names are cut off and common last names are often given numbers. She'll be able to use Domer Dollars in many of the eateries on campus and some off-campus (including Chipotle!). 


Notre Dame has its very own Cake Service that parents and loved ones can purchase and have DELIVERED to campus residence halls! The on-campus "Irish Gardens" flower shop will also deliver directly to your daughter's dorm room.


It is not too early to start speaking with your student about booking flights from/to Notre Dame. Many students choose to go home during the October and March breaks more than Thanksgiving and Easter (though the halls are still open here if they'd like to hang out with friends or watch Netflix for 3 days to recover from midterms).  The halls are closed during the Christmas break (Late December/Early January). If your student is flying out of Chicago Midway or O’Hare, she may take a bus from campus to the airport or the train that leaves from the South Bend airport. If she chooses to fly out of South Bend, your student will need to take an Uber or find a friend to take her to the airport from campus. Please note that students must be checked out of their rooms within 24 hours of their last final or last paper/project deadline at the end of the semester. Please help them plan their flight schedules & departures accordingly.


This is a weekend for juniors to bring their parents/loved ones/guardians/mentors to Notre Dame for a weekend of family, food, and fun.  Please see the JPW WEBSITE for more information. 


The University has its own police force and a squad that patrols dorms on South Quad every night. You can contact NDPD at any time at (574) 631-5555. See NDPD's WEBSITE for more information. 

We also have our own Fire Department, and run regular drills in every hall. See NDFD's WEBSITE for more information. 

Unfortunately, there is no summer storage offered by the university. There are plenty of off-campus storage units available in South Bend and Mishawaka, and girls often split them with their current or future roommates to make moving in and out even easier. 

Please also look around the official NOTRE DAME PARENTS WEBSITE for even more information, or feel free to contact us if you're still stumped about something. You can find our rector's contact information on the hall staff tab or using the email button at the bottom of the page. Thanks for visiting!

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